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the world. there's word the agency has hacked google and yahoo, grabbing huge amounts of data. >> you deserve better. i apologize. i'm accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> secretary of health kathleen sebelius said the buck starts with her and promises to fix the federal health care website in a month you. >> thousands of babies die in this country because their mothers do not have access to adequate health care. some suggest obamacare may reverse that trend. >> the red sox are word champions! >> for the first time in more than 90 years, the boston red sox win the world series in front of the fenway faithful. >> good morning. welcome to aljazeera america. i'm stephanie sy. >> i'm thomas drayden. there are no allegations of spying by the n.s.a. >> documents have been obtained showing the agency used the september 11 attacks to defend its surveillance policies. >> in the 26 page document, the n.s.a. suggested talking points for officials, including after 9/11, it was determined the intelligence community failed to connect the dots. n.s.a. and partners must make sure we conne
americans the affordable care act is working. >> new questions of spying that involve google and yahoo. >> we're going to see this through. president obama vows to fix the problems with the website atet center of his healthcare reform act. he spoke at the nathaniel hall, the same place that governor mitt romney signed that law which was the model for the affordable care act. mike viqueira joins us now from the white house. mike, over to you. >> reporter: the president went on offense with all its problems andrew a parallel with a through had its glitches. president obama said the comparison still holds. >> because you guys had a proven model that we built the affordable care act on this template. >> reporter: the president spoke in the same spot that mitt romney, his former rival, signed the massachusetts law several years ago. now with the health plan canceled he promised that they could keep them, there is a new plan. >> if you're getting one of these letters just shop around in the new marketplace. >> well, go to the exchanges. >> if you can, will you? >> on capitol hill a rockier q
. >>> and what do you think? join teleconversation on twitter and facebook and google plus pages. >> every morning from 6 to 10am al jazeera america brings you more us and global news than any other american news channel. find out what happened and what to expect. >> start every morning, every day, 6am to 10 eastern with al jazeera america. >>> what was it really like to be on the grown in the middle of the egyptian revolution? police fired tear gas at students in cairo this week, they were protesting the government's arrests of members of the opposition. a new documentary adds a dramatic context to all of this. it's called the square, the center of protests against the government, protests that have ousted two presidents in two years. >> we have the director of the square, she joins us from los angeles, and an actor that is featured out there. he is also in l.a. i thank you both for joining us tonight. this is a deeply personal film from you, you are from america, but you were raised near this square. what made you decide to drop everything, go to egypt, and start making this film? >> wel
.i.a. the "washington post" broke a story that the nsa has secretly broken into community links by g mail, google and yahoo. how significant is this? >> i think it's significant. it adds more to the understanding that we've been gathering over time how exactly the nsa gets information from companies. so there are two sides to this now. there is one program known as prism which allows the agency to get wha what has been describeds direct access. but to store communications basically. stored information. what this story in the post seems to show is that the nsa is grabbing information that as it moves through yahoo and google data centers located around the world and public internet and there are junction points where they are grabbing information. what i think this gets at though is it helps us understand more about how the information is being gathered but under scores how important these companies is to surveillance. if the companies suddenly stopped cooperating i don't think the nsa would be blind but it would be like putting out one eye. it's important for them. >> what is the responsibility o
. >> google and yahoo have reacted angrily to a reported that the u.s. had secretly hacked its data centers. the details come from n.s.a. documents leaked by edward snowden. now for more detail, we're joined by our correspondent here in the studio. he's worked he is extensively on the story. thank you for coming in. what's provoked the anger of these internet giants. >> what's going on here is that the n.s.a., natural security agency together with its british counter part, the government communications headquarters has tapped into fiber optic cables outside the united states that google and yahoo, two of the world's large evident email providers use to transmit data, so they are able to absorb, suck up, if you will, hundreds of millions of packets of data, emails, all times of communications. this is different from a legal program in the united states that's authorized under u.s. law where the government and n.s.a. can approach companies and compel them with a court order to hand over details about specific individuals in their emails. this is a much more in discriminate approach. >> it jus
.com/techno. follow contributors on google facebook, twitter and more. >> the group is now saying it won't take part in a second round of peace talks in geneva many. >> thousands of churches across the u.s. held orphan sunday. but the christian movement that encourages adoption is drawing critcism. >> two kenyan runners take top hon others ahonors at the new yy marathon out of a field of 50,000 strong. ♪ >> secretarsecretary of state on kerrkerry is on a nine day tourf the middle east. his trip started with a quick stop th in egypt. during his six hour stay over kerry called for an end to the violence in egypt and for the country to move towards full democracy. >> the first stop u.s. secretary of state john kerry made on his latest trip to the middle east was to the to saudi arabia, but instead to cairo egypt. it's the first highest ranking official visit since july 3 n. that is the stay that the military removed mohammad morsi from his post as president of egypt and placed him under arrest. the us has been anxious about what has been happening in egypt everever since and it was john y to deliver
to hit sulican navolato, all areas hit in september by hurricaning manuel. >>> google's president, told a group in hong kong, given similar speeches in north korea and myanmar, to create better web access and not yet much has changed there. >> the best government says i want to solve the problem of i need more entrepreneurs, more innovation. we argue at google that you have to have a free and open internet, something that hong kong has and mainland china does not and we feel very strongly about that. >> we feel very strongly that it's time for farrah. >>> thank you david. appearance in the tournament with a win against thomas burdich. v isevrica the only.debutante in this. finished off his czech opponent in the deciding set, six-7, 6-3, 6-3. >>> former west germany striker reported himself to the authorities by having an u undeclared swiss bank account this year. he was with the squad as they arrived from the czech republic for their upcoming champions league match on tuesday. >> first it has to be said that it was to be expected. whether i like it or not. i am surprised that our volunt
the incarceration of youth for adult crimes. google hangout is glen martin who was convicted of armed robbery and served six years. a youth are advocate. welcome to all of you. liz i want to start with you. give us a snapshot of the 250,000 juveniles who go through system and how the numbers shake out. >> as you said, about a quarter of a million young people are tried in adult criminal court every single year. many of these young people are prosecuted for first time so many of them are first time offenders, many of them are charged with minor and nonviolent offenses. some people aged 16 and 17 where glen is based are automatically tried in adult court no matter what the crime is. we see a lot of situations, many of these are placed in adult jails pretrial and they haven't been convicted of anything, adult jail the most at risk for abuse and assault. many in solitary confinement before trial. >> you say many of them are in minor offenses, what would trigger a youth being tried in adult court for a minor offense? >> there are a number of states that at any age you could be prosecuted in adult
on this story since the beginning. also in our google hangout tonight is an orange county based writer, and kathy fang she is executive director of a california political watchdog group. we did reach out to senator calderon who denied requests to join our show tonight. so what is new? >> a lot is new and a lot has happened in a very short amount. the investigation centered on an fbi sting in which they posed as film executives. ron calderon sits on the california film commission which oversees those tax subsidies, and the senator pro-tem announced he was stripping him of his position on the california film commission. which was a huge fast move. >> and in terms of other media, there have been so many people that have long suspected particularly in california that something has been up, and they have been fiddling around the story, but hasn't been able to wrap their arms around it. your team did. >> right. a lot of media pointed to a connection to ron and his brother thomas, believing that was the center of the investigation. no one realized the sting was as elaborate as it was. that th
hot are google's. >> smart phone? the next cuss five debuted yesterday and sold out. it was announced on a block post. minutes later, it had run out of inventory. >> today's a big day for the auto industry and car lovers. major automakers are releasing monthly sales physician in hours. october sales are expected to be strong. one analyst predicts big numbers from g.m. >> there was speculation they would be the do as well as they did, so you saw a little bump in their stock. when you look at the brand itself, the product purchased, the clock and g.m.c. chevrolet product, could not assumers are buying. their profit margins will probably come out strong at the end of the year. >> lower sales in september, look for rebound in october's numbers. >> i don't want to think about the shopping days. we're smacked in the face everywhere we go. i do want to talk about the government shutdown. did that affect sales? >> a lot say it affected the psychology of buyers. other folks say well, at the same time, everyone knew that a deal would eventually be brokered in washington. interest rates were low
questions of spying that involve google and yahoo.
torture and the inhumane relations with tee daneees. >>> president of google eric schmidt says he
. follow our contributors on twitter, facebook, google+ and more. . . lz >>> war crimes in the eastern democratic republic of congo, an exclusive report on atrocities committed by m23 rebels. . >>> hello. you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also ahead - two men sentenced to death for war crimes during bangladesh's war for independence. >> fears violence in yemen could lead to civil war, and... >> i'm reporting onow
stops, go behind the scenes. follow our contributors on twitter, facebook, google+ and more. >> welcome to the news hour. i'm darren jordan from al jazeera's news office in doe ma. sell celebration after driving out m 23 rebels. >>> relief for the syrians in the sieged area. and there are more trapped. >> we have the latest from europe, including home at last. four men return to france after being held captive for three
. follow our contributors on twitter, facebook, google+ and more. >> welcome to the news hour. from al jazeera news center in doha in london. the top stories. pakistan interior minister accuse the u.s. of sabotaging a peace process after killing a taliban leader in a drone attack. >>> also this hour forced to be a child bride at
.com/considerthis, or on our facebook or google plus pages. we will see you next time. >>> a victory in texas for abortion rights supporters. a federal judge shutdown a key part of a restrictive abortion law that was set to go in to effect in the state on tuesday. embroiled in an embarrassing spying scanneddal president obama may order the nsa to stop eavesdropping on the leaders of american allies. this has congress considers legislation that would strip the agency of some of its powers i've settlement deal for jerry sandusky's victims, penn state agrees to pay out nearly $60 million to the 26 mena beused by the former assistant football coach. and one year later, remembering hurricane sandy. the super storm was one of the most damaging and one of the most expensive stormso
,, or on our facebook or google plus pages. we will see you next time. >> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. these are the stories we're following for you. curbing the nsa, putting the brakes on that mass itch data collection system. >>> counting down to the winter olympics. sochi trying to get ready. >>> the head of the agency in charge of putting together president obama's healt
google map from yor house to the polling location. and if that is not good enough we'll give you a ride. >> they had a secret weapon. i'm here at the door now when you go into the polls you will see my father and mother ma roo yeah. roo -- maria. 18-year-old went to the polls with her entire family to vote for ra why. rreyes. one thing she came to our house motivated us. we had her sit down and talk to us and explain our questions. >> the campaign visited 800 homes. and many are questioning can these same get out of the vote techniques apply to his panicses panics -- hispanics on a larger skill. he says candidates across the nation and both parties should learn from farmer's branch. >> they have been able to do something that no one has been able to do successfully. last year the percentage of latinos that voted in the 2012 pest yea2012 presidential election fell. and the number that were eligible to vote rose 22%. are ththe reyes tapped into that. you will see a bigger resurg ree into the door-to-door campaining. >> the power of hispanic electorate growing in numbers and confidence. >>
a new teflon president? what do you think? join the conversation on twitter and google plus and facebook pages. >> no white house administration in modern times has been without scandals. the president seems to float above the grey. grey -- fray. and with the affordable care website still on life support, they have apologized for the problems before the house ways and means committee. when dave camp asked when congress will know how many people enrolled in obamacare he ran into a stonewall. >> folks are still in the process of enrolling and we'll have the numbers available in mid november. >> you have no numbers on who has enrolled you have no no ide. >> we'll get those numbers in mid november. we'll get those numbers in mid november. >> how do you not know how howy people have enroll. >> we'll get those numbers in mid november. we'll get those numbers in mid november. >> and down the hall. >> these are caused by human error or technical problems. >> nothing that has been released has shown we are flying t --trying to do something illel or unprofessional. when we find something non-come
is liz mayer of go proud that promotes the republican party and gay rights. in our google plus hangout, tyler deton. the author of rule and ruin, the downfall of moderation and destruction of the republicaning party from ice en that you are to the tea party and gina lauden, credited as one of the founding members. nationwide tea party movement. thanks to all of you for joining us. so, liz, liberals have an idea of what the republican party is. what's the republican take on what's going on right now inside the republican party? >> you would be shocked to know that within the republican party, there are probably about 5 different groups there that all have their idea about what the republican party is, too. and i think as rand paul said after the doma decision came down from the supreme court: that's a discussion that's going to be ongoing for quite awhile at this point. people need to debate that out fully. but i do think when you take a look at what's happening with polling, both nationally and at the state level, when you are looking at republicans, whether you are looking at libertar
. or on facebook or google+. you can find us on twitter. see you next time. >> welcome to al jazeera america. i'm del walters. here are the stories we're following to you. e.u. leaders are coming to america to get answers about the nsa spying allegations. >>> it is a year ago from super storm sandy, and people are still trying to recover. >>> and storms bearing down on europe, canceling hundreds of flights. >> europe is looking for answers concerning u.s. surveillance programs as more
the trial of the two he had edi. >> leaks from edward snowden showed is the nsa broke into google and yahoo data centers. enabling them to tap into text individua video and audio messages every day. >> kathleen sebelius says has been a frustrating website. but it's safe. >> all week we have been focusing on sexual violence and college campuses. it's hard to know exactly how many rapes take place on campuses nationwide. why? some blame colleges reluc reluctant for not wanting bad news exposed. tonight the story of a young woman who trusted her college, her male friend and her family. after her assault she was left with doubt on who would pro prot her. she spoke to sarah hoy. >> it never occurred to laura dunn that i is that a campus party condition unsafe. >> it was my second time drinking ever in my life. i was there with people who i was trying to get to know. there was free shots and i ended up having a lot of shots, over seven. and i was cut off from the bar. so i was getting very, very drunk. and it was about that time two men started to pay a lot of attention to me. laur
his record was purged. but google is out there, and so, you know, he is trying to get on with his life, but fire's focus is making sure that there are no more caleb warners out there, and therefore weed a advocate that the universities should be making these decisions by clear and convincing evidence. which is somewhere in the 70, 75% certaintive range. but when we are making accusations that somebody raped somebody else, both sides benefit by having certainty in the outcome and the way we can have certainty in the outcome is to say no, it wasn't, you know, the difference of a feather's weight worth of evidence, but it was 20%. we are confident that this person committed this heinous act, and therefore expulsion and warranted. >> is appropriate to that. we're going to have more of this conversation and all of what we talked about in the course of our series tomorrow night and we're going to ask you to join us then as well. >> looking forward it to. >> all right. on friday we're going to wrap up our special series as we said with a special 90-minute program, sex crimes on campus an "ame
. technicianses have been repairing it since seat. google and oracle experts will have been consulted. >> for those of you happy to get an extra hour of sleep - here is something else to look forward to this morning - a solar eclipse. a rare crescent-shaped sound will be visible for those living on the east coast. it will move across the atlantic, and sweep across central africa. i'm morgan radford. thank you for joining us. see you again at 7am eastern. >> got evening i'm joie chen welcome to "america tonight sex th" theweekend edition. we have did h dedicated our attention to sexual assault on campus. there is the repeated belief that campus rape is often the miscommunications and allegations that result to murky he said she said. ttonight we have us visit oxidental campus in california. for some reason it's impossible for law enforcement and school officals to adjudicate. >> rape is rape, not misunderstanding. sometimes by students that prey on fellow students and get it awith it time and time again. our report on the serial rape of the from our correspondent. oxidental college in
but the conversation continues on our website,, or on our facebook or google plus pages. we will see you next time.
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)